The KidsCut GbR, Ringstr. 7, D-64297 Darmstadt offers the KidsCut app for mobile devices via the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes App Store. With this app, information on children´s haircuts and videos can be accessed in which haircutting techniques are demonstrated. To access all content, the app must be purchased.

With the purchase and use of this app, you agree to the validity of these terms of use. Therefore, read the terms of use carefully before you decide to use the app.

1. USE

The use of all functions of this app is subject to a fee. To access all functions of the app, including the video material, the app must be purchased.

By purchasing the app in the Google Play Store or in the iOS App Store, your receive a personal, non-transferable right of use to use the videos privately (not commercially).

We, the KidsCut GbR, reserve the right to remove or delete the KidsCut App from the respective app stores, In this case, we will inform you three month in advance by providing a free update. You can continue to use the KidsCut App and all videos that you have downloaded from the respective app stores until the final deletion of the KidsCut App. After the final deletion of the KidsCut App from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple iTunes app Store, the KidsCut App and also no more videos can be downloaded.


The app can be purchased and downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes App Store under the terms and conditions set forth therein. After purchase, you can download all available videos and tutorials as many times as you want.

We reserve the right to change the amount for the purchase of the app. In this case, the purchase of the app will be billed to the users respective App Store account. All prices quoted are inclusive to the applicable sales tax.


This app presents information and non-binding instructions on hair-cutting techniques with videos, which, however, cannot and should not replace a haircut done by professional hairdressers. Everyone has different types of hair and hair structure, and therefore, even if the steps shown in the app are carried out identically, the actual result may differ from the templates shown. The decision to do a haircut yourself is a personal one and should only be made if you have the necessary knowledge and skills.

WARNING! The techniques shown in the app include the use of potentially dangerous objects, such as scissors and other sharp objects which may lead to injuries if not handled carefully. Even if used properly the aesthetically results of any haircut depends on several factors and may not be what you expected.

Each decision to do a haircut is up to you (the user) and is at your own risk.

We, the KidsCut GbR assume no responsibility and no liability for direct or indirect damage and injuries and / or unsatisfactory aesthetic results that might result from this decision.


It is not permitted to transfer, copy, distribute or publicly display the digital content of this app in deviation from this agreement. The app is available from the respective official app store for iOS and Android platforms. The KidsCut GbR endeavours to continually improve the technical functionality of the app through regular software updates. There is no obligation to provide updates. The user receives no rights to the source code of this app, as this is not included in the contract. In compliance with legal requirements, we reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time.


Should individual provisions of this agreement be or become ineffective, this has no effect on the validity of the other agreements and provisions.